7 Awesome Ways Kenyans Can Spend Easter Holiday In 2018


In the Christian calendar, Easter marks one the most sacred holiday, that we get to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is the time that one shares in the passion of Christ and makes it a personal commitment to grow their faith and work on their relationship. Well, we don’t all drink from the same cup of religion. Believer or not- believe, there are awesome ways to spend and enjoy Easter Holiday this year.

Spend time with your family

Ever since the year began, you have been busy up and down trying to be rich, foot bills and save. You barely have time to see how your two year old son is doing, what he is growing into, or your little daughter what she loved doing. This can be the perfect time to bond with your family and help your wife in taking care of your growing family.

Visit the needy.

Instead of spending the rest of the day with bae, eating making love and watching all time, this can be a perfect chance to join with friends and visit a children’s home, or the sick. Spend time with them will help you appreciate the gift of life and never take anything for granted.

Go to church.

This is the perfect time to work on your relationship with God. Renewing your faith in Christ and ditching your old sinful ways. The Bible says that those who cry to the Lord, he will look upon them with mercy and vindicate them from their trouble. This could be the perfect time to repent your sins, fast, pray for the needs of others and keep in touch with God.

Visit your relatives.

The last time you went to ushago was ages ago. Every other time you are ever busy working your ass off to hold the company in one piece. Shosh is always calling asking you to go see her cause she is not feeling well. Sacrifice this time and visit them, remember they are your family and family comes first always and forever.

Go on vacation.

Travels and tours companies in Kenya are offering affordable prices this Easter season. Grab a few personal effects and head for Maasai Mara, Olepajeta, get to experience and appreciate the beauty of nature and some cool time to think freely without pressure or noise. You can tag alone a friend or a lover to make it memorable.

Catch up with friends.

When you don’t have cash to go on a vacation, you can celebrate your friends. Those who’ve always been there through thick n thin. A good chat about the good old days, eases pressure from work and family and a drink or two and a few bites can be a grand way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Make Money moves.

Everyone gets lazy when a short holiday knocks in. Customers tend to suffer a little. This could be your chance to make abnormal profits. Not everyone is lucky enough to go a day without working. For some people, the only way to enjoy such a holiday is to work hard and make money. Even God gets it, so he can’t be mad at such people.