7 Businesses you can start with as Little as 10K


You no longer need to have millions of shillings in your savings to start an enterprise.
There are lots of ideas you could discover with little to nothing and make extreme returns out of them.

All that is required of you is talent, work ethic and a chunk of advertising. In other words, that’s what is referred to as “sweat capital” within the world of start-ups, “sweat capital” is properly really worth greater than financial capital.
Here’s a run-down of 10 businesses ideas that require very little financial capital to set-up. Study thru them keenly, take a few notes after which go out there and carry out a bit deep digging and you’re geared up to head.


1.Making homemade Strawberry Jam and selling (price range: Ksh750)


This is an exciting concept because you could certainly begin it with a good deal less than the coins you spend whilst you’re taking your female pal for a movie at iMax. The more innovative you’re the more earnings you may generate from it.


To begin you’ll require some strawberries, sugar and lemons. You’ll also need a sufuria (pot), mwiko (wood stick) and a few plastic bins for packaging. With just a little greater perfection, you can really get a KEBS license and begin presenting to supermarkets. If you could put in more time and creativity into this concept, you may develop it into an enterprise.


budget Breakdown cost
Strawberries Ksh250 in step with kilo
Sugar Ksh100 for 500 grams
Lemons Ksh100
Packaging pouches Ksh200
shipping fees Ksh100
general Ksh750


One kG of strawberries will come up with roughly 6 cans of jam each weighing 250 grams. You can sell a 250 gram for Ksh200 making at the least Ksh1, 200. Be aware that you could constantly make bigger your profit margins in case you plant the strawberries your self.

2.Selling Wall Papers (price range: Ksh1,800)


If making strawberry jam sounds greater like a “mboche’s” idea to you, you then may need to place your indoors layout to use.


Most people stay in homes with a awful paint, painted by their landlords. Some of them would love to have an alternative with out constantly repainting it. this is where wallpapers become handy. You surely can get made wallpapers both from local wholesalers or from international locations like China.

Finances Breakdown price
Wall Paper Roll Ksh1,six hundred according to 10 meters
different costs Ksh200
overall Ksh1,800

You can then promote each roll for Ksh3,500 and a Ksh1,000 charge for installation. That doubles the income. The extra of a hustler you are, the greater sales you can make and the greater sales you could generate from this.

3. Dispensing Black coffee (Ksh6, 600)


In case you stay in towns like Nairobi, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon some guys who distribute black Coffee in matatus.


Have you ever stopped to inquire how much they make a day? As it seems, this venture is one of those “opportunities dressed in rags” type of things.


For starters, you’ll require a 10 litre flask, some disposable plastic cups and your hustle (sweat equity).


Budget Breakdown cost
Thermos Flask Ksh5,000 for 10 litre thermos
Disposable plastic cups Ksh1,000
Sugar Ksh400 per Kilo
Coffee Ksh200


As long as you are committed to giving it your very best, there’s no way you make less than Ksh1,000 each day. How? You need a 10 litre coffee thermos consists of 65 x 150ml cups of coffee. Sell @ Ksh.10 per cup at and make Ksh650 for the whole flask.


if you are capable of preparing 3 rounds of flasks a day – one in the morning and two times in the night – that’s Ksh650x3 = Ksh1,950. Subtract value of water, sugar and coffee and you comprehend you may make a groovy Ksh1,500 a day.


4. Making jewelry From Bones (Ksh1,010)


Carving rings out of red meat bones and camel bones. Boiled bones. You acquire throwaway bones from restaurants and slaughterhouses. Sounds like a “chokora’s” process…right? Not till you consider how a whole lot capability it has.


Here’s the drill, you obtain waste bones, sharpen them with a round blade and then smoothen them with sandpaper. Then you boil them using hydrogen peroxide to dispose of oil. Then you follow candle wax to them (in a pattern) and then dye the bones for one hour.


Ultimately, you layout the bone into a necklace beard, bracelets, earrings or even earrings.

Price range Breakdown Value
Bones Free or purchase at small rate
Hydrogen Peroxide Ksh500
Blades and sandpaper Ksh500
Candles Ksh10
Total Ksh1, 010


As with any other creative business, this commercial enterprise rewards creativity. So in case you aren’t prepared to sit down for hours developing with some great concepts; don’t enter it. If executed right, this has the capability to make you a force to reckon with inside the multi-billion jewelry enterprise.


5.Chia Seeds Farming (Ksh10,000)


You will be surprised to realize how this little, wonder seed is causing ripples across the world. In reality, simply these days, chia wholesalers in Europe have been offered a sellout. Why? Because the seed has many health benefits beginning from omega oil to protein supply.


With a speedy growing marketplace, you may take benefit of this seed to start a small farm. It grows in fairly heat areas with properly-tired soil e.g. locations like Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, and Western Kenya. to start with, the crop prospers organically and you need no fertilizer or pesticide to hold it.

Finances Breakdown Cost
Chia seeds Ksh4, 000 for two pounds
Farming fee Ksh6, 000
Overall Ksh10, 000


You will need 2 kilograms of it to set up 1 / 4 acre. That will, in turn, come up with a harvest of seventy-five kilograms after just 3 months. With every Kilogram making Ksh2,000 available on the market, with this method you may make upto Ksh150,000.


6.car Boot sales (Ksh12, 000)


So, you’ve been fired but you still have a personal automobile loan to finance. Don’t panic. You could convert that vehicle right into a commercial agency with the aid of way of creating vehicle boot profits.


It’s very simple; you identify a few speedy high demand goods, deliver them along with your automobile to crowded places or busy streets and sell from your car’s boot. Some fast shifting gadgets consist of eggs, used toys (EX-UK Toys), greens verges.


The coolest factor with your ride’s boot is that it will act like a shop; this one gives you freedom to move from one town to another. You could also avoid a bulk of county council costs whilst running this way.

Finances Breakdown Cost
Merchandise to sale As little as Ksh10,000
Gasoline and car charges Ksh1, 000
Some other Ksh 1,000
Overall Ksh12, 000




7.Making Beaded Sandals and handbags (Ksh3,870)


You want beads. A kilogram of beads goes for Ksh370/= at Kariakor market in Nairobi. A kilogram is sufficient to make a whole bead purse and a small pouch which you could sell for as a great deal as Ksh3,000. This represents an income of Ksh 2,230.



Budget Breakdown Cost
Beads Ksh370 consistent with kilo
Schooling Ksh3, 000 (may additionally range)
Needles & strings Ksh500
Total Ksh3, 870


This kind of business gives you the liberty to set the fee. You could, therefore, rake in some thing from as low as Ksh1, 000 in a day to as high as you need depending on your entrepreneurial prowess.


With money as little as your loved ones provide you with for pocket money, you can always start a commercial enterprise. So don’t sit down there and complain. Get up and do some thing.