7 Types Of Landlord Every Kenyan Tenant Deals With


Living all by yourself is exciting and fun especially when you have rented a kagood house somewhere peaceful and quiet. Having a good landlord tenant relationship is every tenants concern. You don’t want to cross paths with your landlord and they end up kicking your ass into the streets. You also don’t want a landlord who is gonna be a pain in the ass. All you want is respect and mutual understanding between both parties. Here are some of the landlords every Kenyan tenant has dealt with.

The Fisi.

He’s been eyeing your petite girlfriend. Every other time your your sisters visits he looks lecherously at her. Those girlfriends who keep stopping by will tell you how your landlord is such an asshole.

The nosy one.

He is always prying into people’s affairs. When you have a nasty fight with your woman, he be the first to tell everyone in the residence. He knows all the girls,their boyfriends, side guys and sponsors. He is good at minding other peoples business.

The ghost.

He is too bust to get to the ground to handle stuffand the caretaker is always in charge. All the years you live in that rental house you don’t get to know him. The far you can go is his name and family and that you will from other the gossipers within. But he is a cool guy.

The rich folk.

He treats you like you are family. Every other time he comes around he brings each house a token of appreciation and how makes it his person responsibility to take up the nyumba kumi initiative and get to know about your welfare. He is so friendly and like a father to you all. But such type are a rare gem.

The one whose wife is in charge.

Everything concerning that plot goes through his wife’s hand. He rarely steps in to help only when things get tough. The wife is all big headed, choosy bossy and with an intolerable attitude. To survive her you all play by the rules and not upset her.

The freak.

He’s never around, but when he brings his lazy ass around it’s all trouble. He gets all troublesome, getting all petty, yelling and shouting at the least of his concerns. He brings in his terrible mood and spreads it all over the compound like a foul smell. You hate it when he shows up.

The money lover.

You don’t get to go a day or two without paying rent on time. His money his life. He is hard to reason with or negotiate. You either foot your rent or he call the cops and you get thrown out. Everyone makes sure that they have cleared their rent on time