7 Underwear Mistakes Kenyan Ladies Should Refrain From


We all do undies, I mean at least most of us do. The rules of the game are simple, keep them clean, dry and in good shape always and forever. But tell you what, lots of women walk around abusing underwear some showing them all torn and too wasted for life. You can tell a lot about a woman by look at her underwear. What colour does she love, does she love strings or grandma pants, how clean is that part that touches her groin? Here are some gross panty mistakes Kenyan ladies should completely refrain from because they are very embarrassing.

Rocking underwear that don’t fit.

All too often women will end up putting very tight undies such that it leaves depressions on her behind when she rocks something fitting on top. Girl, no one wants to see strips of a depression on your ass because you put on something too tight. For the sake of comfort ,go ahead and rock something fitting, not too tight or too big.

Preferring silk over cotton.

Well silk is good, cause its easy to clean compared to cotton especially a bright colour like white. Good thing with cotton is that it has room for aeration and it absorbs sweat so you don’t have to feel all hot and soaked in sweat all day down there.

Showing your inner wear.

That’s so terrible when you hoping up and about sitting on a sambaza in a matatu, treating everyone to that worn out strung of yours that has turned brown from white and a piece of your black ass. At least tie a belt next time so your pants don’t fall below your waist line, or put on along top to cover up your ass.

Recycling undies.

Don’t be so surprised some women out here are do that. But why on earth would someone be so unhygienic. You end up smelling like rotten cabbages all day. When you are too lazy to wash your pant, at least have a dozen plus so you’ll have plenty of fresh and clean one to change into before you finally wash the dirty ones.

Staying in your undies for too long.

You know its scientifically sinful to sleep in your panties, but many ladies ignore that. For the sake of your health, you shouldn’t stay in your undies for too long ,take them off, let the a little cold fresh air,blow away the heat and filthy bacteria so you may not catch an infection.

Undies with perforations.

Woman you gotta look sexy down there all the time. Those old saggy stained panties  with hanging strings and holes all over you’ve been rocking since you hit your twenties will embarrass you. Have good panties, that you will not hesitate to strip naked and show your your man your goodies.

Dump underwear.

Bacteria’s will hack into your system without you realizing. Dump undies are very uncomfortable and a danger to your peace down there. Make sire you dry them outside in the sun and not in that cold bathroom hook.