List Of Best Kenyan Collabos Reigning The Airwaves In 2018


The thing about music is that it never fades. It has a special way of penetrating into your mind dividing and conquering the four chambers of your stubborn heart and possessing your goddamn soul.Over time, we have seen Kenyan artists collaborate to come up with something so good and so quality that does not fade away in just a few days.That is the power of collabos.We call it working together as one for a good course. Here are some of the Kenyan songs that are reigning the airwaves in 2018.

Kasayole-Khaligraph Jones ft Timmy

We should all be proud of our backgrounds, rich poor, middle class it really doesn’t matter. Kasayole is one song that reminds Kenyans to take pride in where they come from cause truth is it really doesn’t matter.


Tamu Sana- Otile ft Shetta

This girl cant has enough of the big Cassava. She keeps wanting more, and the guy is ready to deliver without fail. He wants to make his woman happy and satisfied so she will always stick by his side.

African Star- Sauti sol ft Burna Boy

This love ballad will motivate you to open up to that African beauty that you’ve always been crushing on and tell her how you feel about her. How her behind is a killer and how her smile makes you have wet dreams.

Inside- Rosa Ft Naiboi

This jam is so cool and very relatable. When you are in love, the best thing that can ever happen is having a mutual feeling. You feel each other skin to skin, heart to heart, blood to blood. Inside, perfectly describes that.


Till the End – Kagwe ft Niniola

When you are inside love waters, and the love oozing from your heart runs deeper than the oceans, deeper than the sea you cannot afford to let go. You love each other harder than before and communicate often. It feels heavenly to realize that you cant live without someone, you got them tattooed in your heart.





Other amazing collabos that have been released in 2018 are :

Sauti Sol – Rewind featuring Khaligraph 

King Kaka – Radhi ft Barnaba Classic 

Le Band ft Khaligraph Jones – Nakupenda

Akothee ft McGalaxy Oyoyo