List Of Best Performing SACCOs In Kenya You Should Join In 2018


One of the most effective ways of getting people to mobilize resources is through a Sacco. They encourage saving among members, borrowing the mobilized resources an affordable price for the members. Unlike in the past, SACCOs have really expanded their services from just back-office services (BOSA) which ideally is all about loans and savings to Front office services(FOSA) which offers banking services like ATM, mobile money, and money transfer. Many people have come to realize the importance of joining SACCOs leading to growth in their number in the country. Here are the best performing Sacco’s in Kenya this year.

Unaitas SACCO

It started small its operations when tea growers came together, pooling resources for a common good. Over the years, Unaitas has grown in terms of membership, and operations that it carries out on a daily basis. They offer advanced loans to their members and mobilize resources to help its members grow financially.


Among the licensed deposit-taking SACCOS in Kenya, Stima Sacco was founded on the prime objective of uplifting the welfare of members both socially and economically. With time it expanded into front office services offering banking services to the customer in a number of its branches in the country.

Safaricom SACCO.

It was formed to serve common bond Safaricom limited employees. Over time membership has grown to attract employees from the related field of technology. Safaricom Sacco not only focuses on individual members but also champs, groups. With FOSA activities, liquidity levels have been boosted through minimum shareholding.

Nation SACCO Ltd

Providing financial solutions to members, and customers through credit products, savings has been its main purpose. Members can freely save get credit at affordable rates to improve their social and economic welfare.

Shoppers SACCO.

With over 19000 members, Shoppers SACCO offers economic independence and prosperity, with banking services and a loan of range products from, normal loan, emergency loan, school fees, asset finance to product loans. Members can get to enjoy these products.

Kenya Police Sacco

This SACCo undertakes corporate social responsibility program to improve the social welfare. With over 60,000 members, they offer credit facilities and mobilize resources through savings. And over time their portfolio and asset base has grown tremendously.

Sheria Sacco

Its members are pooled from judiciary Attorney general’s office, various government ministries businesses just to mention but a few. Members are empowered both economical and socially through mobilization of resources and equitable provision of affordable services.

Kenya Bankers SACCO

Initially established to serve employees in the banking industry but its membership has expanded. Being a licensed deposit-taking an institution, they get to mobilize resources and lend at affordable interest rates. Members get to enjoy high returns, investment opportunities, and exciting partnership discount.

Waumini SACCO.

It provides good banking services and its members get to enjoy dividends. It has incorporated technology making its operations smooth and fast, with services like M-SACCO and mobile banking.

Ukulima Sacco

It was founded on the objective of promoting thrift in the society to encourage savings and borrowing at low cost to meet their social-economic needs. Over time its membership has grown as well as its share capital.


K-Unit Sacco

Mhasibu Sacco

Harambee Sacco

Kimisitu Sacco

Ezeka Sacco

Kakamega Teachers Sacco