List of Best Music Academies In Kenya


It takes more than talent to become a legend in the Music industry in Kenya. Lots of hard work, professional training and a deeper understanding of the music theory and its basics. Ideally, you are doing nothing by yourself, you are using professionals to help you get there, that’s how you do it. Just like surgery or engineering, with music you cannot escape classes, teachers, assignments. But why fret, nothing worthwhile comes easy, you gotta grind to make it to the top. Good music sells, it sells big and way longer than the energy you’ve put in making it. Here are best music academies that will give you a gateway into the entertainment industry and maintain it up there.

Sonata School of Music

Get to learn from professional instructors with musical experience. From playing the flute, guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone to drums. Get to learn music theories and all the fine details. Sonar school id music is located along Karuna road off lower Kabete.

Redforth Academy of Music.

It was founded by one Filah Tuju to help interested individuals to sustain a professional music career. Redforth is one of Kenya’s premium school of contemporary, traditional and classical music performance and technology, committed to providing professional music training. They are located in Upperhill.

Wynton House of Music.

This one of Kenya’s creme de la creme when it comes to music training. They have three campuses all over Nairobi for its students. Wynton aims at improving the standards of local music, offering training upcoming artists. It boasts of Karun from Camp Mulla, Antoneousoul, Dj Joe Mfalme among others.

Kamata Music School

It offers a comprehensive well researched and practical music training at affordable prices to its students. Kamata school has a lot more like Dance school, Dj Academy, Photography. It is located at Moi Avenue in Nairobi. Kamata’s mission is to give interested individuals an opportunity to experience the benefits of learning to sing or play a musical instrument.

Matete Music Academy

Founded by Tusker Project Fame 5 winner Ruth Matete in 2016, her academy offers dance lessons, voice lessons, violin lessons, saxophone training, guitar training, and music theory. Matter music academy is located at Moi Avenue, Development House, Nairobi.

Sauti Academy.

Looking for artist development, voice coaching, songwriting and performance coaching? Sauti Academy offers artist development programmes, like songwriting courses, singing lessons. Founded by Natalie Lukkenaire, Sauti academy aims at developing music talent.It is located in Shalom House, Nairobi.

Others are;

Music Inn

Kenya Conservatoire of Music