List Of Most Profitable Ventures In The Food Sector in Kenya 2018


One of the largest and most invested in the sector is the food industry. From hotels, vibandas, supply, production, catering, you name it all. People are making millions from trying their hands in this game. Kenya being rooted in agriculture means that the means that the raw materials and relevant resources are easily available. The idea is to make huge profits by expanding your small kibanda, or improving the quality of your services so you attract more customers which means more returns. No one wants to sit in an office all day, doing the same thing over and over again from eight to five. If you are an entrepreneur, you might start already in the food sector because its more involving more adventures and above all more income generating. Here are some of the most profitable ventures in the food sector you should lay your hands in.

  1. Catering Services

When you have your small team of twenty very good cooks, a few classy utensils and equipment, a tent or two and a network of potential clients, you can hit the road already. All you have to do is have your team ready, and look for opportunities from your network or create new ones. From corporate world to friends, you can be the one person that makes the event a success. Someone somewhere needs a team of experts to take care of the guests, that could be you.

2. Food supply chain

Big restaurants need someone who can lias them with farmers back in the rural so they can get a fresh supply of grains, vegetables, animal products. That’s where you come in. With a few bucks you can buy a number of lorries, and source for tenders from schools, government organizations, big hotels. You are their person on the ground bringing in raw materials. Once you have your clientele built up, you will not go a day without food in your house.

2. Bakery

Every other person is running a small kibanda selling Chapati madondo and they make a lot of money at the end of the day. As for you, be a little out of the box. You can open a small cake house where you bake delicious cakes, incorporating different flavors and types and selling them. Ensure you are strategically located in busy town or universities. Try to be different in terms of quality, quantity and customer services, people notice the small details.

3. Vegetable and fruits production.

Household, school, prison, institution, hotels, get a daily supply of vegetables and fruits. Getting your hands, a little dirty for what is worth is a good thought. You can get a small loan or use your savings, and construct a small greenhouse so you can start growing, Sukuma wiki, coriander, pepper, capsicum tomatoes onions and those traditional vegetables. There is so much you can grow in a greenhouse all year long without depending on rains. When your products are all ripe and good for sale, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank.

4. Poultry keeping and animal rearing

Nowadays most people are more into proteins; fish, eggs, beef, chicken. This is an opportunity for you to start rearing cows, pigs, rabbits, and keeping poultry to keep up with the demand for these products. The good thing about this venture is that profit comes in double shots. So, when you are not busy, selling chicken to your clients, you have eggs and milk from the cows to sell as well, as hides and skins. With the right technology, this venture can bring so much money to the table.

5. Hotel management

You are transitioning from a kibanda to something bigger and better. This means being a little more fancy and expensive. You invest in energy, cutlery, good cooks, a posh place that is spacious, good customer services, and with the time, money will start trickling in. You must be able to balance your books of accounts, pay your employees well and keep your customers happy.

6. Events planning and management 

This venture can be a little more involving, but it has much in store for you. Other than limiting yourself to the catering services, you could be the one who helps the client on deciding what will be cooked, how much it will be cooked and locating the best place for that to take place. Making the event, all glossy and lively with flowers and decoration, music and entertainment, and ensuring everyone goes home happy and satisfied.

7. Wines and spirits store

After eating lots of nyama choma, people love to escort it with a bottle of wine or beer. After meeting all the legal requirements, you can set up a wines and spirits store and stock it with all the brandy, whiskey, vodka energy drinks to the preference of your customers. You can make good money, considering the rate at which people love to get drunk all weekend in Kenya.